PDA College of Engineering, Kalaburagi

ESTD: 1958

An Autonomous

Objectives of the scheme:

The main objective of the scheme is to encourage students, research scholars and alumni to share their ideas to solve chosen problems which are local centric and to validate, refine and nurture the ideas.

Incubation center established in college premises will provide an ecosystem to convert the ideas into proof of concept and upgrade them to a level of commercial value.

Overview of the scheme:

i) Idea Generation:

Each student/alumni team shall identify Regional and Local problems (unmet needs) that can be solved with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions.

ii) Proposal and approval:

a) Each team after identification of the problem shall refine the ideas and convert them to project proposals along with costing and other details.

b) Such project proposals are then placed before and reviewed by steering committee and funding will be sanctioned after the approval of the screening committee.

iii) Execution:

a) Each team shall be assigned a mentor; through mentor network during the execution of the project and the mentors shall guide the teams in carrying out their project as per guidelines.

b) The College/Mentor shall review and monitor the progress of the project during the execution stage and submit the reports to screening committee.

iv)  Funding for each project:

a) Each project/idea selected by the college/incubate team shall have to be approved by the steering committee. The selected project/team will directly get a maximum funding of Rs.3.00 lakhs in two equal half yearly installments beginning at the time of incubation.

b) Subsequent installment to be released upon timely adherence according to project plan.

c) The fund released shall be used for project related expenses on pre-approved basis for project specific costs as outlined in the project plan document.

Vision Statement:

 Incubation center shall serve as a vehicle for the development of competitive ICT-based MSEs (micro- and small enterprises) and foster ICT technology innovation in and around Gulbarga Region. Our incubation center shall aim to become a blueprint for other Incubation Centers.


 The mission of Karnataka New Age Incubation Network is to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by nurturing and empowering student entrepreneurs to solve the local problems in ICT sector. The students, research scholars and alumni of PDA college of engineering and also students belonging to other colleges in Gulbarga region can pitch their ideas in the form of problem statement and provide the solution to the problem through information and communication technology. The multidisciplinary expertise of mentor network identified by Incubation centres will provide necessary technology training and assistance for the implementation of idea proposed by incubates. We encourage students, research scholars and alumni of PDA college of engineering and also students belonging to other engineering colleges in Gulbarga region, with enthusiasm and creative ideas  and inherent zeal to be entrepreneurs, to take advantage of this novel initiative. Our ultimate mission is to create opportunities through ICT business development.

Project Co-Ordinators

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 Dr. S.S Awanti

Chief Co-Ordinating Officer [NAIN]

+91 9448257587


 Dr. Baburao Sherikar

College Co-Ordinator [NAIN]

+91 945687758


 Mr. Siddram Sangolagi

Regional Co-Ordinator [NAIN]

+91 9916466746

Monitoring Committee Members

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 Dr. S.S Awanti

Principal, PDA College of Engg. Kalaburagi



Dr. S.R Patil

HOD, Dept of E &CE.



Prof. Avinash Sambrani

Associate Professor, Dept of I & PE



Prof . Sangamesh Sakri

Associate Professor, Dept. of E &EE.



Prof. Sridevi Soma

Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE.


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