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ESTD: 1958

An Autonomous




Department of Electrical of Electronics Engineering was started in year 1958 with an intake of 40 students. The department is running one postgraduate course on power Electronics. The department is also recognized as one of the research centres by V.T.U. Belgavi and under take research activities in the field of Bio-Medical, Instrumentation and signal processing, It is well equipped with High voltage, Machines, power Electronics control Engineering and Analog & Digital Electronics Labs. It has its own computer center with Internet Facility and Department Library. The department has well-qualified & experienced faculty.

Vision and Mission

Vision of the Department

 To create professionally excellent, society responsive and enterprenurable workforce in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Mission of the Department

To impart fundamental knowledge in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and use modern skills effectively to face present and future challenges of  industry and public sector.
To create conductive environment for higher learning and research.
To promote entrepreneurship skills among students.
To prepare the students to imbibe and inculcate social responsiveness in the society.

Academic Programmes, Eligibility and Objectives


Academic Programmes
  • The department runs three academic Program
  • Under graduate program
  • Post graduate program programs namely under graduate
  • Doctoral program


  • Program Educational Objectives of the UG Electrical and Electronics Engineering are:

  • PEO-1: Graduates of the program will be able to apply mathematical, scientific & engineering knowledge in analyzing / investigating complex problems and use  modern tools to work successfully in solving real life problems.
  • PEO-2 Graduates of the program will be able to design and develop projects individually or in a team to exhibit leadership qualities and communication skills for impressive presentation.
  • PEO-3 Graduates of the program will continue to learn, adapt ethical values, develop as an entrepreneurs, to be innovative using project management techniques in producing new products which are environment friendly, economically viable and acceptable to society.
Programmes Offered
  1. Under Graduate Program

This program offers degree in B.E Electrical & Electronics . It is four years course where students will under go core subject pertaining to the course and Electives covering recent advancement in the field of Electrical & Electronics, students will undertake Industrial tour and Internship so as to get acquainted with present trends in the Industry. In the final year student will carryout project work in a group of four so as to use the theoretical & practical knowledge they have gained during previous years .

  1. Post Graduate Program

This program leads to degree in M.Tech specialized in power Electronics In this program students will undergo core subjects and Electives related to the area of their specialization. It is two year program, first year they complete course work and in the second year they under take training in industry and in the final semester they carryout project either in the industry or in the institution . They also publish paper in the Journal /Conferee the articles related to their project work carried out.

  1. Research Program

This program leads to award of Ph.D degree. The students will first complete course work, after that he/she has take comprehensive viva –voce exam which will set the direction for research work. Then minimum of 4-8 Publications in the reputed journal are required for submission of final thesis for the award of degree.    


 Program Educational Objectives


Alumnis of the Department

  • Sri. G.M Pastapur, Rtd Chief Engineer.
  • Sri. Hanmanth N. Kanihal, Rtd. Chief Engineer, KPTCL.
  • Sri. B. Srinivas, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, Bangalore.
  • Sri. Manoj Kumar Pujar, Chief Engineer, GESCOM.
  • Prof. S. Mohan Kumar, Professor & Placement officer, MIT Manipal.


Academic Eligibility





Lesson Plan


Head of the Department


Dr. P. K. Kulkarni, HOD
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
P D A College of Engineering,

Faculty Details






Infrastructure and Facilities


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Events conducted

List of Conference/FDP(Seminars Conducted)


1. One day workshop on Pevasive computing and software refined radios conducted on 6th Nov 2012 in the department under TEQIP phase-II.

2. Three days Faculty development program on “Medical Cybernetics” sponsored by VGS Government of Karnataka, 10-12th Feb 2011.

3. “MATLAB and its Applications” one day workshop on 13th November 2011.


1. Two day workshop on ‘communication skills and workplace ethics conducted on 5 and 6th April 2013 under TEQIP phase-II.

2. One day workshop on Overview on Embedded systems application and campus project training on 15th April 2013 under TEQIP phase-II.

3. One day workshop on Curriculum development of PG courses on 5th Aug 2013 under TEQIP phase-II.



1. An expert talk on Programmable Logic Controller was organized in Sept. by Shivakumar from Prolific Systems and Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

2. One week advance training on Solar photo voltaic technology organized between 27 – 31st Oct 2013 under TEQIP phase-II.



1. Two days training program on “Advanced Industrial skills” 29 – 30th Nov 2014.

2. One day workshop on “Introduction to Process Automation using PLC and SCADA” 30th April 2015

3. A guest lecture on “Multilevel Inverter and its applications”, is delivered by Dr. Satishkumar of Osmania University on 5th Nov 2014.



Achievement - Faculty & Students

  1. In the year 1999 the final year students received "Project of the year" award for the project PC based Performance testing of Transformer and Induction motor by Karnataka state Council for Science & Technology.

  2. The same project baged second prize at national level compaction swadeshi vigan Mela.

  3. In the year 2005 – The department got accreditation from National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for a period of three year from 16.02.2005 to 15.02.2008 and also for another period for three  years from 16.04.2009 to 15.04.2012.

  4. Dept received Autonomous status in the year 2007 from V.T.U Belguam & U.G C New dehli Both for UG & PG program.

  5. The dept research centre has produced two PhD holders.

  6. More than 200 publications by the staff in the conference / Journals both at National /International journals.

  7. Two of the faculty members namaly Dr.P.K.Kulkarni Presated paper in IEEE conference at Framce sri sangmesh sakri presuted paper in the Infermational conferre at Japan and both faculty have chaired the Technical sessions.

  8. Dept is covered under world hank project TEQIP I&II for improving quality of education.

  9. Presently Dept has received a fund of 4 lakes projects by I.T.BT Govt of Karnataka.

Board of Studies (BOS) Members



Contact Department

Dr. P. K. Kulkarni, HOD
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
P D A College of Engineering,


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